£5.00: Express Special Business Luncheon

2 Course Meal:
Tuesday - Saturday 12.00PM-1.45PM



                                               Spring rolls (vegetarian)
                                               BBQ Spare Ribs
                                               Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup
(Lite) (G)
                                               Orange juice/Apple juice

                               Main Course​

                                    A.  Half Roast Chicken Gravy, Peas & Chips.
                                    B.  Choice of Omelette, Peas & Chips.
                                    C.  Chicken or Ham or Beef Fried Rice.
                                    D.  Chicken Chow Mein.
                                    E.  Fried Chicken or Beef & Mushroom.
(Lite) (G)
                                    F.  Fried Chicken or Beef in Garlic Sauce. (Lite) (G)
                                    G.  Fried Chicken or Beef in Chilli Sauce. (Lite) (G)
                                    H.  Fried Chicken or Beef Chop Suey. (G)
                                    i.  Fried Chicken or Beef in Black Bean. (G)
                                    J.  Fried Chicken or Beef in Malayan Satay.
                                    K.  Sweet & Sour Chicken or Pork.
                                    L.  Sweet & Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style. (G)
                                    M.  Curried Chicken or Beef or Pork.
                                    N.  Vegetarian Dish.
(Lite) (G)
                                    O.  Salted Chilli Chicken.
                                    P.  Shredded Chicken in Thai Sweet Chilli.
                                    Q.  Shredded Chicken in Honey Chilli.
                                    R.  Pork Sausages Gravy, Peas & Chips.
                                    S.  Sliced Chicken Gravy, Peas & Chips.
                                    T.  Pork Fillet Gravy, Peas & Chips.

All Main Course served with
Chips, Boiled rice or Fried rice.

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Our Selection of Healthy,

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