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About us



Our Head Chef and Owner is known locally as Frankie.

Frankie and his wife has been in the Chinese food industry for over 30 years, they gained their first culinary experience in Hong Kong prior to relocating their careers to Cookstown Co. Tyrone where they worked and trained in a well-established Chinese restaurant (Dragon Garden) specializing in traditional Chinese Cuisine.

The name Lucky Boat ‘帆船’ stems from our ancestral background as fisherman's whom employed the use of sailboats, this method of transport became the core of the family and has supported many generations.
Often the phrase “一帆風順” "Yat Fan Fung Shun" is used within the fishing community which is simply a salute to fellow traders meaning "Plain Sailing or to sail smoothly."

Our ethos has always been to deliver good and honest Asian cooking; we aspire to continually enrich our cooking techniques through exploring and learning different authentic dishes, providing the local community with glimpses of the multicultural taste of East Asia.

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